Card Game Review: No Blank Left Behind

Take a little Cards Against Humanity, smash it into Say Anything, throw it in a blender, and drink whatever comes out. That delightful milkshake is No Blank Left Behind from Despicable Games.

No Blank Left Behind uses double-sided cards with two fill-in-the-blank prompts on each side for a total of 400 possible prompt cards. Each turn, the “dictator” draws a card and reads one of the prompts. The other players then utilize their whiteboards and pens to fill in their own answer. The dictator then chooses her favorite answer, and awards the card. As I said, it’s CaH meets Say Anything. You never have to worry about ending up with the same card combinations ever.

One of the problems I’ve heard about CaH (besides some of the truly tasteless elements) is that you’re really just cut-and-pasting jokes, which in a lot of situations, simply doesn’t work at all and feels at times like you’re just blurting out your favorite catch phrases from bad stand-up comedians.

Not so with No Blank Left Behind. By having whiteboards to use, the answers to any question are able to suit the taste of your group. While the questions are raunchy and may make some at the table uncomfortable, you’re making up your own jokes and relating to those at the table in a much better way than simply playing a card someone else wrote for you.

During our game sessions, we had some great instances where some players were aiming for the raunchiest answers they could think of, while others honed in on what they thought the dictator would actually want, based on their knowledge of the player. Sometimes that led to some really interesting and thought provoking discussions, which we weren’t expecting out of a party game like this.

If your group is getting worn out of all the other adult party games, give this one a shot. It’s got a lot more flexibility than most others, and should keep you entertained for far longer.

The base game includes those 100 cards I mentioned, 8 whiteboards and 8 dry erase markers, as well as the rules, of course.

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