FFG Announces Star Wars: Legion, a Tabletop Miniatures Wargame

Massive news out of GenCon, and news I’m very excited for. Fantasy Flight announced Star Wars: Legion, a miniatures wargame where you’ll command multiple squads of troops on a dynamic battlefield.

It looks like movement will be streamlined from the game. In most wargames, you have to measure every model’s movement, making sure not to accidentally move a mini half-an-inch too far. In Legion, you’ll move your leader the movement speed, then move in troops around them to maintain coherency with the rest of the unit.

Combat seems easy enough too, with you rolling dice based on the weapons you’re using, with your opponent rolling defense dice equal to the number of successful hits you made.

Beyond that, the units can be customized with cards which provide unique bonuses. This being FFG, there’s lots of cards and unique dice, which I always like.

You can read more about the game at Fantasy Flight Games’ website.

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