Dice Monkey’s 9th Birthday!

Dice Monkey is nine years old today! Wow! I can’t believe that we’re nine years into this thing. Back in September of 2008, after finding the RPG Bloggers Network, and specifically Critical Hits, I thought, “I think I could do that too!” and brought about dicemonkey.wordpress.com. That side of things no longer exists, because my lovely wife a year later bought DiceMonkey.net.

We were waist deep in 4th edition at that point, and the RPG blogging community was blowing up. Sadly, the community as a whole has shrunk, as blogs have atrophied and gone away. Everyone’s heading over to Twitter and Google+ now, sharing their ideas in small bite sizes rather than posting on their blogs, which I get. I’ve left this site fallow at times while I put up all my thoughts on Twitter.

I want to thank everyone for the magnificent 9 years. I’m still integrating old articles over to this edition of the site using the Wayback Machine. If there are any particularly interesting ones, I’ll be reposting them as well.

Here’s to another 9 years! I suppose I should start planning something big for year 10…

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