FFG Releases Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beta

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Legend of the Five Rings has returned! Fantasy Flight has the new license for L5R, and while they’re reissuing the card game as a Living Card Game, they are also putting out a new RPG!

I played a few hands of the old card game (I still have two decks in my garage), and I played the 3.5 Oriental Adventures based in Rokugan, playing a Lion Clan samurai constantly at odds with the Mantis Clan courtier at the table, but I am not super familiar with the lore. However, I hope to become much more familiar, because FFG has released the beta for the L5R RPG.

Much like their Star Wars RPG, when it was first released, this beta includes the rules, some background, and some pages for you to print out onto sticky paper to attach to your dice. Yes, it uses the Narrative Dice system of Star Wars and the Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition game, which I love.

I expect we’ll probably see the final book’s release around GenCon next year, though it could, of course, arrive sooner.

Check out the Beta here.

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