Board Game Review: DUNGEON!

Not sure that title’s supposed to be all in caps, but let’s go with it.

Right, so: Dungeon! is a new (old) board game from Wizards of the Coast (TSR).

What are all these brackets here? Well, the game (Dungeon!) is actually a board game from 1975 made by TSR. This new game is actually an update to the game, with a few changes, though keeping very close to the original rules.

So! Dungeon! Gary Gygax is listed in the credits! Exclamation points!

In Dungeon! you play a hearty adventurer marching through the dungeon, fighting monsters and stealing treasures. Based on your class (Wizard, Fighter, Cleric or Rogue), you have a different amount to get out of the dungeon.

The game is as follows: Move five spaces. If you move into a room or chamber (a chamber is a room that holds 3 monsters), you fight the monster there by flipping over a card matching the level of that room. If you are able to beat it (rolling 2d6), you get a treasure card. If not, the monster rolls, and has a good chance of killing your character. You start back at the beginning of the dungeon, and the monster holds onto all the stuff you had picked up until it can be defeated. You can head into much more dangerous areas of the dungeon to fight dragons, dracolitches and more.

And that’s it!

Reading over the rules, I wondered: Could my 4-year-old son play?

We gave it a try. Spoiler: He’s been begging to play ever since.

The game went pretty well, with him insisting when he rolled a 7 that it was more than 8, while when I rolled a 9, it was much less than 8. He played the fighter, and insisted I play the wizard, though he appeared jealous of my fireball and lightning spell cards. I let him roll all of his dice, as well as the monsters’ dice. He had a blast, and loved picking up treasure.

Gabe: “Daddy, what’s this monster?”

Me: “It’s called a zombie!”

Gabe: “Why is it’s mouth open like this? *dangles his mouth open*”

Me: “Because it’s saying ‘Uggggggh!'”

Gabe: “Maybe he’s hungry!”

I’m thinking, ‘kid, you have no idea.’

Gabe: “Hey, what’s all this red stuff around his mouth?!”

Me: “Strawberry jelly.”

So! Overall, a really great game. I enjoyed it, Gabe enjoyed it. It’s incredibly simple. If your group wants to get together and play a game of this while waiting for everyone else to show up, go for it. It makes a really great filler game, and for only $20, you can’t go wrong.
Disclaimer: Wizards of the Coast sent me a copy of this game for review.

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