True Detective: Fate Accelerated

I just finished watching True Detective from HBO. It’s an incredible piece of television, and I can’t wait to see what season two brings. I decided to stat up the two detectives from the show. I shared them on G+, got some feedback, and am presenting them here. Not too many spoilers here. This is how the detectives appear in the beginning of the first episode, back in 1995. Enjoy.

Rust Cohledetective_rust_cohle_by_budapesta-d77c3aj

High Concept: Nihilist Detective

TroubleMy daughter died… My wife left me…

I keep a ledger.

-World needs bad men.

-I don’t sleep, I just dream.

Approaches Careful: 2 Clever: 3 Flashy: 0 Forceful: 1 Quick: 1 Sneaky: 2

Stunts: Because I have nothing to live for, I get a +2 when Forcefully attacking someone when the odds are against me.

Because I am a bad man, I get a +2 when Cleverly covering up any wrongdoing.

Because I am an expert at interrogation, I get a +2 when Sneakily convincing someone to confess to a crime under interrogation.


True-Detective-Wikia_Martin-Hart_Infobox_01Marty Hart

High Concept: Detective in over his head

TroubleAlways a little something on the side.

-I keep things… even, separate.

-Gotta keep my head right.

-Protective of underage girls

Approaches Careful: 0 Clever: 1 Flashy: 2 Forceful: 3 Quick: 2 Sneaky: 1

Stunts: Because I have a tendency for infidelity, I gain a +2 to Sneakily convince someone of something they want to believe.

Because I am a family man, I get a +2 to Forcefully defend those closest to me.

Because I don’t take shit-talking from anyone, I get a +2 to Quickly attack someone who spoke ill of me.

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