In Memory of Randall Walker

deadorcsRandall Walker was my friend, but that’s to be expected. He was everyone’s friend; Everyone he met and touched as a pillar of the RPG blogging community. On Friday, Randall (Deadorcs to many of us) passed away.

He was the reason I really dove into 3D terrain for D&D. He was always building elaborate dungeons and terrain pieces for his games, and it inspired me to do the same. His late-night drunken trips to Michaels to find whatever random things he could use for his latest project never failed to amuse everyone.

He served as the iDad for many of us, offering encouragement via Twitter, and sage advice via podcasts he recorded with The Tome Show Network.

I found a file on my Google Drive, a conversation between him and me, planning and discussing a 4e D&D campaign setting. We had begun to flesh out the ideas before 4e finally died and we both moved on to other projects. He was incredibly supportive of everything I’ve done, always happy to offer encouragement or advice on any new RPG idea I had concocted.

He will be greatly missed. A huge hole has opened up in our community.

Go play games with one another, everyone. That’s what he would have wanted.

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