Age of Sigmar: My Bretonnian Backstory

My brother gave me a massive Bretonnian army in exchange for my two Skaven units a few days back. For those unfamiliar with Bretonnians, they’re basically the Knights of the Round Table.

I only got the chance to glance over the miniatures before I headed off for Seattle for a few weeks, so I’m not exactly sure of everything I have, but based on what I saw, it’s at least 3000 points worth of minis. Lots of Pegasus Knights, lots of Knights of the Realm, lots of yeomen.

I’m super excited to get started, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit a backstory in for my army, particularly because the Brettonians were destroyed when the Old World was.

There’s some lore floating out there about how the Lady of the Lake, also known as Lileath, whisked away a small faction of Brettonians in the void. Of course, Gilles Le Breton and Louen Leoncoeur ascended to godhood, so they’re also out there to help out.

And so, here’s how my Brettonian army survived the End Times.

Ghyran, the mortal realm of Life, is vast. When the Old World was rent asunder, elements of it spiraled into the void, forming islands which coalesced into the realm of Ghyran. One of these islands remained apart. It was sheltered from the void and the Age of Chaos by the gods Breton and Leonceoeur. There, the Brettonians of the Old World were sheltered, losing all memory of the old days. They descended into rivalries, shattering into petty fiefdoms. After generations of bloodshed, a hero rose up among them, Gilles, who united the people and named the kingdom Parravon. A time of great peace and prosperity reigned on their island in the stars.

Until one day, on the shores on the Ocean of Night, peasant workers discovered a strange ruin, buried in the sands. Bringing it to the attention of the king, Gilles drew it up from the earth. It was a Realmgate, and it exposed the island to the dangers of the Mortal Realms beyond. Its activation turned the baleful gaze of Chaos upon their realm and war returned to Parravon. Hordes of warriors entered the realm, devastating the kingdom.

Then, generations later, hope appeared. Stormcast Eternals, sent by Sigmar, arrived at the gate, stabilizing it and helping rid the kingdom of Chaos. The Eternals explained to Parravon the nature of the Mortal Realms, and sought an allegiance.

There are two primary factions on Parravon: Those who primarily worship Breton, called Brettonians, and those who primarily worship Leonceoeur, called the Lion Hearted. All worship the Lady of the Lake, who legends say raised Breton and Leonceoeur up to godhood in the World Before Time. Knights quest for the Grail, which some say granted the gods their immortality.

So, what do you think?

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