WizKids Teams up with Games Workshop

WizKids, the publisher of Heroclix, Dice Masters and a ton of other games, has announced they’ve formed a partnership with Games Workshop. 

The announcement mentions a Dice-Building Game, which is exactly what Dice Masters is, and Dice Masters has multiple settings for it: Marvel, DC, YuGiOh and D&D, so doing a 40k or Age of Sigmar release would be nice. I’d love to see a Space Marine go up against Captain America. WizKids has also released some nice board games over the years, so I’m sure we’ll see some cool games coming out of the partnership as well. I’d be very surprised if we saw some pre-painted minis like their D&D and Pathfinder minis, or their Heroclix line, but we’ll see.

They’ve also said they’re rereleasing Fury of Dracula, which had been originally published by GW, then by FFG, now by WizKids. I played the 1st edition FFG one, and loved it, so I look forward to see what’s coming.

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