Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Kickstarter Unveils 5e OGL RPG

untitled1I’ve talked about the Joan of Arc Kickstarter before. I’m very excited for it, and even more so now that they’ve announced they’re releasing a Joan of Arc RPG for the game, using the same artwork and history of the Hundred Years War that the wargame has. It will also use the Open Game License of D&D 5th Edition to power the game.

The preview I linked to above provides more details, but a few things that stand out: There will be four classes, but a lot of subclasses to cover all the different kinds of lives that existed in the 14th Century. The game will also allow you to play a purely historical game, or a game with the angels, demons, and monsters found throughout the Kickstarter. It looks like it’ll have a lot of options, and I look forward to having an RPG to play with my miniatures.

I hope you back the Kickstarter, because then that means more stuff for all of us.

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