Warhammer 40k Dice Masters Coming

I own a ton of Dice Masters stuff. It’s a really fantastic dice building game that merges deck building games, Magic: The Gathering and dice, and I wish I had more time, energy, and money to play.

I also own a ton of Warhammer 40k. I own a Space Marine army, Imperial Guard (I mean… Astra Militarum) army and a mess of a Chaos Space Marine army. It was one of my first wargames, and I really do enjoy the game and the setting.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered that WizKids, who recently got the license for Warhammer board games, decided to make Warhammer 40k Dice Masters. Rather than do random packs (which I accepted as a part of the territory), we get a campaign box which faces Space Marines off against Chaos Space Marines, and two other boxes for playing as Space Wolves and Orks. This seems like a good way to go. Check out the links. I’ll drop a review once it’s all released and I get the chance to pick it up!

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