Burning Wheel Gold Revised Announced

I love Burning Wheel. In Dice Monkey’s own Great Thanos Snap that happened last year, where we’ve had to rebuild from scratch, I lost a post from 8 or 9 years ago where I talked about how Burning Wheel is my favorite game I’ve never played. All these years later, and I still haven’t, though I’ve run both Mouse Guard and Torchbearer, which are based on BW. However, I’ll be starting a new campaign this fall with Burning Wheel as our system, and brought both the core book and Codex along to Busan with me. I’ve been reading the rulebook on my way into work in the mornings.

So, all that said, I was very excited to see that Luke Crane announced Burning Wheel Gold Revised. It looks like it’s mostly errata, with some rebalancing of Elven Grief and creating your own traits. The whole book comes in at the same page count, and the cover is gold on red rather than BWG’s red on gold.

The book is available for preorder here for $15, rather than the MSRP of $35, so it’s steal. I’ll be ordering my own copy ASAP, so look for a review once it arrives in April.