Mythic Games Blows Past $1M Mark in Joan of Arc Kickstarter

The Joan of Arc Kickstarter has been impressive. This looks to be an epic one. It’s only halfway through the campaign and already the Joan of Arc Kickstarter is past $1 million. I’ve backed it to get the core set, monastery set and siege set, and have left myself some wiggle room for upcoming stretch goals.

As of this writing, the KS has unlocked 138 miniatures (beyond the core set’s 238 miniatures) and 34 expansions.

It’s a tactical wargame set in the Hundred Years War featuring 15mm minis (about half the size of D&D minis), allowing for much larger and elaborate games. The game features a lot of supernatural elements, assuming that everything the people in the 14th and 15th century believed was true.

You should check it out. I’ll probably be talking about it more soon.

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